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Restaurant Review: Kobe Hibachi Grill & Sushi February 20, 2011

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located on N. Shiloh Drive in Fayetteville, AR.

On Friday before we headed out for drinks with the ladies, the Stalker and I went with her beau to Kobe.  When we were trying to decide where we wanted to go for dinner out, we couldn’t quite decide where we wanted to go.  No one seemed to have a craving for anything and therefore couldn’t be the leading voice on where we wanted to go for dinner.  That left it as a giant toss-up.  But we felt we needed to give our dinner foray some directionality, so we began to discard the food we didn’t want to have for dinner.

Do we want chinese food?

No, there isn’t a place we like amazingly much around here.

I’m not in the mood for pasta.

I had pizza for lunch.

I’m tired of burgers for the moment.

I really don’t care for Mexican food today.




Want to go to the Japanese place?  It’s got pretty tasty stuff.

And so it was decided!

I had seen the sign for the place many times over in the months that I’ve been here since it’s located in the shopping center where Target is.  In case no one knows this, the Stalker LOVES Target.

She loves Target like I love Walgreens.

So, needless to say that we drive through that particular part of the shopping center quite a bit.  I had wondered about Kobe but it was a passing thought but knowing we were going in made me quite delighted.

Inside the environment was an interesting fusion of Japanese and modern Arkansas.  The dining area has about 4 hibachi grills in place for diners who wished to see their food prepared in front of them.  We opted for a regular table and I was eager to look over the menu.  Since I wasn’t sure about their portions or most of what the menu actually contained that would allow me to taste a little bit of everything, I went along with the Stalker who got a Dinner Box Special.

I was even more delighted to find that this very item of the menu was precisely what would allow me to taste a bit of everything.  You get it with miso soup, a house salad, steamed rice (although I got it with the fried rice), gyoza (which I learned were the fried potstickers which I love) and edamame.  Then you get a choice of either two or three things from the box on the menu.  I went with California rolls and, because I wanted to select something that I wasn’t sure of, I ordered it with shumai.  This word has now led to the Stalker’s and I repeating it with a ghetto Puerto Rican cafre accents.

Shoo-mai ! My-shoo!

I wish I had thought to take a picture of it when it arrived.  But the hazard of wanting to blog about one’s food does not outweigh the need for one to eat their food.

So I dug in.

Overall, I was very pleased with my meal.  I love potstickers so the Stalker gave me the ones she didn’t eat and I also got all her edamame since she’s not very fond of it.  I ended up very full but I told her that I wanted to eat it while I could.  Since she doesn’t like it, there would not be much of a chance that I’d be getting some anytime soon.  Everything was tasty and just the right portion so that the meal seemed balanced.

Service was unbelievably prompt and we were finished with dinner a lot more quickly than we expected.  It seems like a place I would like to return to…. perhaps order some sake off the menu and get to enjoy other items on the menu I would like to try.



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