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A girl who drank at Theo’s February 21, 2011

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located on N. Campbell Avenue in Fayetteville, AR.

Part of the Dickson Street Entertainment District.

As I mentioned yesterday, we were going to head out for ladies’ night once we were done with dinner.  After the addition of darker lipstick, heels and other wardrobe adjustments, we were ready to roll out to the next phase of our plans.

We hadn’t been able to join in on ladies’ night because of weather or just conflicting schedules.  Friday wasn’t actually the more official ladies’ night gatherings because it was really just going out for drinks for one of the ladies’ birthday.  She had decided she wanted to get all pretty and class it up at Theo’s.

Just a glance at the menu of Duck Confit Quesadilla with tamarind BBQ on the starter menu just lets you know the sort of place Theo’s is.  From what I saw, the food seems very lovely and delicious.  The drink menu is varied and interesting.  I had Strawberry Field Sparklers.  It contained strawberry infused vodka and champagne.  It was light and sweet and very pretty with chopped bits of fresh strawberry floating in it.

I would love to return there for an elegant meal and try more than pretty drinks off their menu.  We stayed in the spacious lounge area around one of the little tables since we were a fairly large party of ladies.  The place was really filled up by the time we left some time after 10:30pm on the Lounge side.


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