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A girl musing on priorities February 23, 2011

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One of the things that I’ve noticed so far with working outside of the home is how determined I am to be sure I’m put my make-up on every morning.  Having the sort of job that I do, make-up isn’t entirely necessary.  When I look around at the other faces when I arrive, I don’t see very many of them made up.  I understand that my job is a conservatively place and that by it’s function it should be this way.  However, I wonder if it’s more than that.

I must admit that this is the first time I’ve really been in a work environment where there was such a diverging group and seeing so many different types of people, doing their different types of jobs, I do notice that even when their job is higher up in job scale, they still don’t do much with their make-up.

Is it that they don’t know how to do their make-up?

Is it that they don’t care about wearing it?

Or have they had no real example of it in their lives?

For me, I could probably choose to sleep some 15-20 minutes more every morning and instead leave my face without make-up and my hair in a low ponytail.

I have no doubt that some mornings I might just need to do that.

However, I like the process of doing my make-up lightly every morning and trying to fuss with my hair into working with me for the day.  There’s a soothing quality as I prepare myself for the day ahead where I likely won’t have a moment of downtime to slather on a new coat of lipgloss.  But maybe it’s just because I haven’t tried to incorporate that little moment into my day either.

So maybe the ladies that I work with haven’t given putting on make-up as a priority.  They are free to choose whatever they wish to take most precedence with their day.  I guess the bombshell in me just refuses to face the world without a little bit of make-up courage.


One Response to “A girl musing on priorities”

  1. zarishi Says:

    And dont you stop, most of them Im sure has been doing that for way to long… maybe those are sign of depression or burnout!

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