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A girl with tired feet February 24, 2011

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So, the bombshell worked a double shift yesterday.  That means that I worked from 7am-3pm, then stayed from 3pm-11pm… only to go to sleep sometime around midnight and get up at about 6am to do the 7am-3pm shift all over again.

The good news is that I’m done shadowing.

The bad news is that my feet are killing me.

With my job, I can say that I don’t spend too long a stretch of a time doing the same thing.  Sometimes I’m sitting, sometimes I’m standing, sometimes I’m sitting on the floor… other times I’m walking slowly along rooms.  But something I do know is that, to be able to do these sorts of things and not be in severe pain, one needs the right shoes.

But what are the right shoes?

That is the question I have been asking myself for the past 72 hours.

It has been some 13 years where I’ve been anywhere with colder weather.  Because of my workplace, I need to be able to always wear socks and be comfortable.  Not to mention that I need to maintain a business casual sort of appearance.  Looking around, I can’t say my other coworkers are particularly inspiring when it comes to footwear.

They just wear sneakers.

Now, I’m not saying that sneakers wouldn’t be fairly practical but I hate them.  A part of me absolutely refuses to wear them day in and day out.  But as I mentioned yesterday when it came to my musing about make-up and everyone’s lack of it, I’m determined to keep myself on a different personal standard of appearance.  It’s important for me to stress that I’m not making a commentary about them.

A bombshell is never cruel in her own vanity.

Because that’s what it is, I feel.  It’s personal vanity.

I just want to look and feel pretty in my comfortable work attire.  Now, given that I haven’t gotten paid yet, I have slowly been compiling lists of things I would like to acquire for myself with time.  Top on my list is shoes.

But what kind if I don’t want sneakers?  That leaves me with what?

I feel like I’m having some sort of existential crisis.



2 Responses to “A girl with tired feet”

  1. AXOLOTL15 Says:

    Comfortable flats? I don’t know much about women’s footwear.

  2. gaintheday Says:

    Doctor Scholl’s makes shoes. They are insanely comfortable, and fairly decent priced. They make sneakers and dress shoes alike. Unfortunately, mostly sold at Walmart from what I know, but SERIOUSLY awesome shoes. And also come in wide width, which I definitely am. 🙂

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