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A girl not watching TV February 25, 2011

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You know, one of the things I never realized would interfere with my tv watching was the fact that being on Central time zone, everything is now one hour earlier than I mentally have the show time for.  By the time I remember that I was going to watch something in particular, it’s already 15-30 minutes in.  Back in PR, I could do that.  I could let time slide by and remember later because we also had the west coast stations for the same channels with our satellite programming.  I would then set tv auto-tune reminders for myself and then just hope I was awake the almost 3 hours later it would take for me to watch a show.

This alone makes it a big difficult to remember the shows I like to watch but there is also the fact that there are 2 other people in the house and they each have the right to watch whatever they would like.  Sometimes, if I remember in time, I can call dibs for a certain time slot.  Other times, I just let it slide.

One thing that makes up for all this is that I can watch the shows online.

I couldn’t do that before.

It’s a great thing for me to do on weekends.  Luckily I have a few select shows I watch.  There’s House and How I Met Your Mother on Mondays.  Modern Family on Wednesdays.  The biggest conflict is Thursdays since I like to watch CSI and Grey’s Anatomy but also Royal Pains on USA.  So I do try to tune in at least on Thursdays to one of the shows so I can watch the rest of them online.  However, lately USA has not been adding the full episodes of Royal Pains and they messed with the new episode schedules.

Then there is Big Love on HBO.  We have the channel, but I always forget to watch it on Sundays.  I can’t watch it free online so I find myself trolling about the channels hoping they do a mini-marathon of recent episodes so I can get caught up.

I’m sure many will tell me that it would be just as easy for me to download episodes but I don’t even download music.  I have no interest in the full download and keeping of these shows that I watch.  I like to take a bit of time, stream it for a bit and that’s that.

As for all the other shows on tv lately…

I really don’t care for them.

True that, because of my sparse tv watching, I can’t just sit down and give a new show a chance to reel me into their audience.  That doesn’t mean that I haven’t given it a shot in the past.  Things like Glee and Castle and V…. meh, just weren’t that worth watching.  Then there were other shows, like Mike & Molly which were pleasant as tv filler in between other shows I like to watch but don’t care for enough to find online.

But… I’m giving everyone a chance to state their cases below on what other shows I should try to watch and where I can easily find it online to watch.

Go on…

State your cases.


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