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El Buffe de Kentoqui March 4, 2011

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There are many things that I have seen that are vastly different than what I’m used to in PR.  But there are many things that remain the same.  I remember how excited I was many years ago when driving from Dallas to Chicago and we crossed through Oklahoma and I spotted a dual location of KFC and Taco Bell.  Now, normally one would not get excited over spotting this chain fast food spot.  However, right across the road from the Colegio de Mayaguez Campus, we had a Taco-tucky too.  This is what made it all the more memorable for me.

Now, living here in Fayetteville, one of the fast food places here that puzzled me the most was the Buffet KFC.  At first the Stalker and I merely believed that this location had a name and the owner’s name was “Buffet” but when we went through the drive-thru one evening we realized that it actually had an array of items on an actual buffet like layout.  We were astounded, impressed and amused.  This was our new favorite place.

The funniest part is that while I refused in PR to say the word “biscuit” like so many Puerto Ricans did, whenever the Stalker and I say Kentucky, we do not say it with American accents.  Instead, we say it very cafre like the Spanglish hacking Puerto Ricans might.  It took us about 5 minutes of discussion before we agreed that it wasn’t Kentucky.

It’s Kentoqui.



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