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An ode to leftovers March 6, 2011

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This morning the Stalker said I was the Leftovers Queen.

Now, having watched as many cooking shows as I have, I hear that title and I think of the many shows that tell people the many things that they can make using their leftovers.  While I think that these are very fine ideas and one should never waste food, I actually like leftovers just as they are.  I often eat them cold from the fridge and get to enjoy the many flavors that have congealed overnight.

There is a thing of beauty in leftover food from dinner.  Just enough to make a serving of something, mixed with another serving of something else.  I know many people who don’t enjoy it.  They say something about how it’s eating the same thing several days in a row.  But if you liked it the first time, the second time will be just as good.  Sometimes better.  Because sometimes, when I’m cooking dinner in the evening… I’m tired from work and really hungry.  So I woof down the food and don’t get to enjoy the many wonderful flavors.

Overnight… when food gets nice and chilled, everything seems to coalesce into deliciousness.  The second eating of the food is sometimes better.  There are few things I won’t eat still chilly from the fridge.  Rice, for example, is one of those foods.  That does need to be heated up with a sprinkling of water to make it plump and tasty again.  Otherwise, I will enjoy most pastas and meats as leftovers.

The second reason I’m apparently the Leftovers Queen is because I’m actually the only person who bothers to eat the leftovers that are in the fridge.  Single servings begin to accumulate in different containers and during the week there isn’t anyone home to eat them.  On the weekend I enjoy going through them and finding just the right things to enjoy.  The Stalker likes keeping bits and portions with the belief that she will eat them the next day.  She very rarely does and it just remains there.

So I get to enjoy leftovers as a quick lunch.

And they make me happy.

Maybe I should make meals in advance.

So I can feel like I’m enjoying leftovers more often.



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