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The shoes the girl went with March 8, 2011

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If you will remember a while back, I was musing about shoes and what to wear when it comes to work.  I’m on my feet a fair amount but I’m also sitting a fair amount.  I don’t get down time and I hardly ever get a break.  The shoes I currently own are very cute but are hard on my feet.  Specifically, they are hard on my toes.  I’ve had to contend with blisters and a lot of pain.  As much as I love cute shoes, they really shouldn’t hurt if they are the right size.  It took some searching and finally I chose these.

These blue with red and white details

And they are actually from Crocs prettier line of shoes.

Everyone should know already that I detest the hole-laden clogs that are Crocs.  However, I do have a lot of love and admiration for their line of shoes that look like actual regular shoes despite being that weird squishy synthetic material.  It was because of their squishy material that I knew they would be fairly comfortable.  I chose these because they seemed to be a nice neutral sort of shade of dark blue to go with most things in my wardrobe that I wear to work.

But along with my new purchase, the word that seems to be bouncing around in my head is gifts.  March is a busy sort of month when it comes to birthdays.  Mine is in exactly 10 days.  How fast time flies.  It seems like only yesterday I was saying that there was a month to go.  But exactly one week later there is the Stalker and her beau’s birthday.  So it seems that the month is so far has been all about buying gifts for one another and stashing them away for the right date and time.  This is decidedly harder to accomplish since we live together.  Now, the Stalker’s beau is very unobservant and oblivious, so we could leave his gifts right in front of him and he would not even notice.

Yet, when it comes to the Stalker and myself, we’re together constantly.  We like seeing every new purchase and going out to shop together.  Our birthday gifts will likely not be complete surprises to one another.  Still, some element of surprise is always needed.  We at least don’t try to find out our gifts ahead of time.  That way we’ll be happy with whatever we get.

And there were other surprises in store for other people.

But I can’t mention them…



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