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Movie Review:The Young Victoria March 9, 2011

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Yesterday I had an unexpected day off.  Since I worked Sunday, I swapped out my Tuesday shift to someone else and I had an the full 2 days off that I wanted just in a more offset manner than usual.  But because I did not know whether I would have Tuesday off yesterday or not until late in the afternoon, I took advantage of my Monday to get as much done as possible.  This left me with relatively little to do on Tuesday when it finally rolled around and I never like being too bored with my day.

Instead I turned on the Stalker’s instant netflix and watched a movie I really have been wanting to see for some time.

The Young Victoria

Now, I knew that this was likely the sort of movie I would like.  Given the many romance novels I’d read and a lot of absent interest in the time period, I knew that it would be a wonderful love story for my mushy romantic heart.  That, and it had Emily Blunt in it, who I adore.  At the same time I didn’t want to go into it with too many expectations.  However, I’m very happy to report that the actors were superb and the story magnificently portrayed.

For those who don’t know, Queen Victoria was born at a time when the King of England could have passed away when she came of age meaning that another regency period could have transpired.  However, she came of age and took the throne at a young age.  She’s the longest reigning sovereign in England.  Along the way she managed to find someone to love and marry… later to have nine children.  This movie focuses on her rising to take the throne and meeting Albert.  It’s a lovely tale and just gorgeous to see on film.

Oh!  And Paul Bettany is in it, too.  I love him.  I saw the movie and didn’t even realize it was him lurking under those mutton chop sideburns.  But lordie was he hunky in that uniform!

So I say: SEE IT!  Watch it as soon as you can, if you haven’t already.  Re-watch it if you already have.


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