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A girl watching Downton Abbey March 10, 2011

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Now, I believe I had originally heard about this series in some article I read on Slate.  But I really never watch a lot of television so I didn’t bother with trying to see it.  I’m wondering why not.  The show seems right up my alley.  I guess maybe the article didn’t sell me on it.  Instead, after I had watched the movie The Young Victoria, I happened across the first season of Downton Abbey on Instant Netflix.  One episode and I was hooked.

I saw the entire season in 2 sittings.

Then again, there were only 7 episodes.  Once I had finished seeing them, I quickly got online and received the bad news that there would be no new episodes until 2012.  In fact, the show was only scheduled to begin shooting the second season next month!  How terrible.  But the most remarkable thing about the series was that it aired on PBS, of all places.

Downton Abbey

The premise of the show is quite wonderful.  The series starts off with the sinking of the Titanic in 1912 where Lord Grantham’s cousins, his heir apparent, have gone down with the mighty ship.  Suddenly all gets thrown into turmoil when the entail to his father’s will is firmly rooted in the fact that the entire fortune of his estate must go with whomever inherits the title so to ensure the proper upkeep of the very lovely manor that is Downton Abbey.  In typical British sort of series, this series has an assortment of characters both upstairs and downstairs in the storyline.  We see maids and valets just as much as we see the Lord and Lady.

Best of all, Dame Maggie Smith plays the Dowager.

It seems this series has gotten much success in rentals and the like, hence causing for it to gain a second season.  I hope to add my own praises to it to have as many people watch it as well.  There are only 7 episodes so far and they are worth watching.

Then you can join me waiting for the second season.


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