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A girl with the right to choose March 12, 2011

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I didn’t have much to blog about so I did what I usually do, I went about my daily round of internet article reading.  Today, the thought provoking one was this one.

And not for reasons you might think.

To be honest, I did sort of know the details of the story that article mentioned.  I’m pretty sure one of my friends either tweeted something about it or shared the link of facebook.  I didn’t actually read any report on the matter.  Whoever passed on the details likely gave me enough that I felt no need to explore further.  Like most things, I just read the blurb and didn’t think much of the original story.  It seemed like a silly thing and I did not care to learn more.  There are very many of these types of stories online, of course.  Perhaps that’s why I didn’t find it very unusual for me to bother with it.

But what the Slate article brought to mind was that it made me think of the things people share on such social internet mediums such as Facebook, Twitter and their blogs.  It had me for a moment analyzing myself in such a context as the author of the article mentioned.  While I do have a blog, I have never cared much for current events outside of my own life.  The few things I have ever bothered to mock were never a person in particular but definitely things that need to be chuckled over.

So that makes about 409 blog entries that I have written on my blog and they have all been my choice to write them.  There have been many incidents along the way that I might have had to defend but few that would ever be classified as my ransacking on the misfortune of others.  I would like to think that I will keep it this way.

As the bombshell blogtator, I shall make it thus.


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