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A girl musing on the lottery March 14, 2011

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The other afternoon, the Stalker and I drove up to Rogers to speak with the rental company that will be handling the seating for the Stalker’s wedding.  We were joking about how at our jobs we had to differentiate with the kids the things in life that we need and those things that we may want.  It was instantly mentioned that we would want to win the lottery.

But you know what they say…

You have to buy a ticket to win.

So when we were returning, the Stalker stopped in and got some scratch tickets.

She got this one just because she likes monopoly.

We didn’t win anything more than $2.00 a piece when we sat together and scratched away at the cards with pennies.  But it just makes me think that sometimes we can’t be passive in our lives.  You need  to play the game to be able to expect to win it.


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