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The bombshell staying one step ahead March 16, 2011

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Today we got the April issue of Glamour magazine.

It’s always an entertaining read and we are always surprised when the issue arrives when it’s supposed to.  At the beginning of the year we got December’s issue in January, then we got February before we got January.  Then we got March when we were supposed to and now we have April.  So it seems that the mail subscriptions have evened themselves out.

But the reason I’m telling all of y’all this is that the April issue, somewhere on page 50something has the “Single Girl’s Do’s for 2011” and it says that the thing to watch is Downton Abbey!

Remember when I already told y’all that last week?

The second thing out of my mouth to the Super Stalker- since the first was an evil cackle- was how the bombshell is ever so slightly ahead of the trend curve.  This is why so many of her friends seek her counsel and advice when it comes to all things fashionable.  It may not be the uber trendy things but it will be the classic good taste kind.

However, something that isn’t classic good taste about the April issue of Glamour was an ad with coupons for cigarettes.  Both the stalker and I were very surprised at the sight and tsked copiously at such an addition to all the lovely images of fashion and beauty.



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