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Happy St. Patrick’s Day 2011 March 17, 2011

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If anyone knows anything about the bombshell is that I love the color green.  I love just about every tone and shade of the color.  It was perfect cosmic planning that my birthday so happens to fall the day after the day commemorating green, just before Spring and Easter where pastels reign supreme and we get baskets filled with yummy goodness.

Before you say anything,

I am well aware that the holidays mentioned mean so much more.

But the leafy one does not care!

Bring on the green!

So this St. Patty’s day had the bombshell with her green nails and green work polo as well as super cute socks with green shamrocks and peace signs.  They were a real hit with everyone at work who also did a wide variety of the color.  It was so fun to see the kids in the sea of green… even if it was just their socks.  The elementary school teacher went all out.  She wore a long green wig with a headband with big green shamrocks, her blouse was green, her socks were green and she had a lot of shamrock green beads and dangly things that sometimes would flash green light.  Seeing her made me sad that I did not dare wear the big green bow my mother had sent me for the day.  Still, I had fun embracing my inner child when the teacher let me color a leprechaun too.

Aside from my green fingernail, you will see my final product.  Since I took this picture with my cellphone camera, I doubt you can see the subtle shading of the gold shoes and buckles or the very careful attention to the highlights and lowlights of his auburn hair and beard.  He even has rosy cheeks.  The kids teased me because I took almost an hour to color it just the way I wanted to.  Mind you, I was sharpening colored pencils for the kids as I worked too and doing the charts that I need to hand in daily.  The teacher was of course pleased to see such a fine coloring example and let the kids know that, if you want to do something well, you need not be worried about how much time it will take you.  Many of them rushed their work and once of the leprechauns ended up looking more like a hillbilly.


Happy St. Patty’s Day to all my readers!

Love, Leafy O’Bombshell


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