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Birthday Bombshell 2011 March 18, 2011

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Another year, another birthday.

Today at precisely this minute, the leafy one was born twenty-five years ago.

Why do I keep feeling compelled to speak in third person?!

Despite being woken up at just after 6am today to blow out my candles on my birthday ding-dongs sent by my mother but brought in via procession by the Stalker and her fiance, the day has been very lovely.  I got to get all the gifts from my mother who had mailed a very heavy box over.  I had not been allowed to open it and the Stalker had received instructions on what objects needed to be given to me yesterday and what had to be saved for today.  And since the Stalker could not wait, she gave me the presents she had been buying for me, too.

But the gifts have been trickling in since yesterday.

This miniature rose plant was sent to me by the ever kind and wonderful Kat, my friend from one state over west of here.  It’s very lovely that she took my flower-filled laments and gave me something that will bloom… that is if the poor thing does not commit suicide from my terrible plantkeeping non-skillz.  Still, I will try my best and we’re hoping to get it planted in the new place when we move sometime in the next few days.

As the day is not over, I will not be showing what I’ve gotten so far as then I’d have to take another picture to show what I will surely be getting later in the day.  For now, I’ve written this entry early and will surely be going back to sleep.  When I feel good and ready, I hope to get up and give myself some nice pampering care after working so much this week.  I have the day off from work but I do need to sacrifice 2 hours of my day to go to the center and take an orientation that promises to be interesting.  I won’t complain too loudly as I’ve been on overtime since yesterday and I will clocking in for this little bit of time spent there.  Afterwards, we shall be having dinner out.

So happy birthday to me!


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