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Restaurant Review: Spiedini Italian Grill March 20, 2011

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located on North Crossover Road in Fayetteville, Arkansas.


This is the place we decided to dine for my birthday dinner.  We had never been to the place before but we have seen the sign pretty much daily since I began working.  It’s located not too far from my job and from where we are moving from.  It will not be on the direct path to work once we move to the new place.  Even as I type up this blog entry and hopefully the entry I will schedule for tomorrow, I’m on the carpet floor on the space where my bed used to be.  Things are being shuffled around and the larger things are being put into the U-haul parked outside.

So please forgive me if these entries seem brief.

Anyways, back to the food!  I love Italian food.

Oh, for the love of carbs!

For an appetizer we had the trio of crostini which had a tomato basil one, a prosciutto artichoke one and mozzarella mushroom one.  All were tasty and the garlic bread was on nice thick slabs of bread with lots of warm oil.  With our meal, the Stalker and I shared a bottle of White Zinfandel which had a lovely fruity aroma.  The Stalker’s fiance has given up alcohol for lent and we respected his resolve and let him be our designated driver for the night.

I had the Tortellini rosa which were cheese filled tortellini in their rosa sauce with artichokes and prosciutto.  It was so very tasty that I ate the whole bowl of it.  The Stalker had the Pasta Romagna which had penne pasta tossed with spicy Italian sausages.  From what I tried of it, the sausages were very delicious but their spiciness sort of sneaks up on you.  For dessert I ate the tiramisu since I love the stuff.  Everyone else was too full so I got to indulge in it all by myself.  Overall, I wished that it could have been a little sweeter but the mascarpone cheese layers were very light and fluffy with the coffee flavors not being too overpowering.

Overall, I really enjoyed our time eating here.  Waitstaff was friendly and the food portions very generous for the price.  The menu seems varied and tasty for the theme of the restaurant.  According to the menu, spiedini is a type of skewer and they offer a variety of them on their menu.  I would like to go back some time and enjoy these as well.  As for the decor of the place, I have to say that from the outside I thought the restaurant would be slightly fancier than it really was.  The space was light and open but it seemed more like daytime cafe than Italian dinner grill.  Perhaps they gain more business during the daytime crowds?  I do know that some of the nurses and staff at my job order out from this place because seeing some of the food made me realize that I recognized it from things I’ve seen others eat.


One Response to “Restaurant Review: Spiedini Italian Grill”

  1. InsideJourneys Says:

    Nice birthday meal! Hope you had a lovely day.
    Good luck with your move.

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