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Movie Review: Burlesque March 21, 2011

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So to cap off the events of my birthday, we rented some movies.  As I did not want to cry over any other movie for the day, I picked Burlesque to be the pick me up for the end of the night.

As the basic premise of these types of movies, Christina Aguilera is a small-town girl from Iowa who has dreams of making it big in Hollywood with her singing and dancing.  She comes across hard times but stumbles upon a Burlesque club owned and run by Cher.  She’s immediately mesmerized by the dancing and outfits and wants to be part of the show.  Long story short and a dozen song and dances later, she is the club’s star with a hunky new love and having helped save the Burlesque club from financial ruin and possible sale.

What I like about this movie is that the main character is sweet and likable.  She manages to maintain her principles and ideals while still gaining her way to the top and fame.  Cher was breathtaking and stunning and there was a surprising array of secondary characters whom were just adorable.  From Stanley Tucci as the swishy wardrobe director to Alan Cummings as the “borderline” dirty humor with racy tongue and cheek door host who also would do random acts with much humor.

Being that this is the sort of movie to appeal to the female masses as well as those who like the song and dance numbers, this was the perfect fit for me.  It was fun without being overly cheesy.  Sure, some of the depths of the characters were a little lost because there was a primary focus on the musicality, but each number seemed just as lovely.  I might wish to get the soundtrack to it as I have one of Cher’s numbers running through my head as I type.  Plus there were scenes with the male lead, Jack, is gloriously naked and so adorably goodlooking that you just want to reach out and touch him.

So, my final verdict on this is that if you are looking for a fun movie that you can enjoy the sounds of, then Burlesque will be fun to watch.  Don’t know if it has much re-watch value but the songs might be a fun purchase if you like the sultry bombshell burlesque tunes of olde.  If you get a chance to watch it, please do come back and let me know what you think.

Which song was your favorite?

Which character was your favorite?

Maybe we need to plot to dress up this way for Halloween?


One Response to “Movie Review: Burlesque”

  1. InsideJourneys Says:

    Makes me want to watch. Thanks for your review.

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