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A girl suffering from allergies? March 22, 2011

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For the past few days, I have been suffering something fierce.  I could not decipher these symptoms but it seemed to be sinus or a cold.  The best I could describe the sensation was a drippy nose, a cough and an itch so intolerable on my soft palette that I wanted to reach in and scratch like mad.  Claritin had not helped but a series of menthol cough drops has.  That and staying indoors while remaining hydrated some.  But today I went to the hairdresser to get my hair trimmed and meet the lovely stylist that the Stalker adores, when she shined some light on my recent symptoms.

You must be allergic to pine.. or oak.


She heard my trying to clear my itchy throat and, because her son suffers from many allergies, she knows the cycling of allergens in the area.  Seems this past week has been a high for these types of pollen.  Being the type to google everything, I found this…

This could possibly explain why I have been feeling so miserable lately.  The wind has been really kicking everything up and I have found no relief.  If this new theory is true… it could explain things.  If not… then the bombshell likely has a cold.  But the leafy one wishes to believe that she’s allergic to pine.  After all, I hate the scent of pine and it can often make me gag.  Which is why I can never have a live tree for Christmas.  Or the fact that I have not been subjected to these types of allergens for the past 13 years.

Or maybe its all in my head.

Anyone else feeling this terrible?  Do any of y’all suffer from a known allergen at this time of year?


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