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A girl thinking about faith March 25, 2011

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I was all ready to blog about the random word I had floating about my brain this evening.  But then I felt incredibly sleepy and took a 2 hour nap.  Now, I can’t remember what it was exactly that I wanted to write about when it came to the one word of faith.  Instead, I figure I will ramble until either an idea comes to me….

Or until it doesn’t and I think I’ve written enough to consider it a suitable blog entry.

To get myself started, I looked the word faith up in both the dictionary and the thesaurus.  Lately, with working with these adolescents who often don’t know how to spell or what some words mean, I find myself having to re-examine words it had never occurred to me to take a closer look at.  A lot of them I can understand why they would need to define for therapeutic purposes.  I have had to stop and really think about what words like trust, honesty, consistency and responsibility mean.  We don’t often stop to define things once we know what they are, I believe.  We just work on the assumption that it is part of who we are and work with that.

As I read the definitions, most I found were tied with religion.  A part of me believes that originally I wanted to blog about that.  But that doesn’t quite seem my style.  Although, I will admit, it might go with the latest direction of more real topics and information.  Then again, I could just be thinking that my blog is seeming that way because I need to have something to blog about everyday.

The one definition that stood out to me the most was actually the one that stated that faith was a belief in anything.

It was that simple.

When I read that, I immediately thought of one of my junkie movies that I watch over and over again.  In Fools Rush In, Salma Hayek tells Matthew Perry that her faith in God and her faith in them as a marriage comes from the same place inside of her.  At first thought that statement makes me want to agree with it immediately.  At closer examination, I find I can’t entirely agree anymore.  While we may hold faith and convictions for our ideals and principles, I find they stem from very different places when it comes to spirituality, others and even ourselves.

I think my original thought, before I lost it, stemmed more along the latter.

How often do we have faith in ourselves?

Earlier I read the personality profile for a dating website I’m signed up with.  In one section, it laid out what my style of thinking apparently was and how I tend to take a fair amount of risks because I “drive at a higher speed mentally” than most do.  This means that when I hit bumps in the road, I actually catch some air and sort of have fun with the challenge.  Initially, I wanted to disagree with this statement on my personality.  I like the familiar.  But then I stopped to think about this for a few seconds more and have thought back to the choices I have made in life.

I can see where I do rise to the challenge when I need to.

I also through myself off the bridge when I feel I need to.

I seem unafraid to trust myself and put myself out there.

And what I realized is that all of that is possible because of immense faith in myself.

I don’t mean it in a vain sense either.

I just know and belief that I can adapt to the situation and always need to move forward if I want to get what I seek out of life.  My idea of what I seek constantly changes, but I just shift gears and do it.  I think I can take such big risks and chances because of that faith.  But something that I did read in about half the definitions was that the belief, when it comes to faith, is from something without proof.  Which isn’t the case in this.

So tell me… what is it that you hold faith in?


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