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A girl musing on empty spaces March 27, 2011

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We moved last week and today was when we cleaned up the last remnants of living in the townhouse. It made me a little sad as I sat on the living room floor where the tv stand used to be.  As I looked around, I had the thought I often have when things seem to come to end at a place… I felt like we were coming to the end of an era.  While I had not lived long there, it was the only home I’d had since arriving to Arkansas.  Now, while we have oodles of more space and a nicer home, I can’t help but miss what once was.

Like all things, I left it with a much different life plan than when I arrived late that night of November 30th.  That seems to be a line of thought I find myself contemplating often.  So much can change in a month.  Even more has changed after 4 months.  Still, that’s the way things should be.  They change and you change with them.  You learn and you adapt.  It’s the best way to manage it.


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