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Movie Review: I Capture The Castle April 4, 2011

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Last night I felt like staying up and watching a random movie.  And no other movie on the netflix queue looked as random as this one.  Mostly I watched it because it was a BBC movie and it had Bill Nighy in it.  The title was odd and the caption just said that Bill Nighy was trying to marry off his two daughters, one a hopeless romantic and another reluctant to marry, to a pair of rich brothers who were going to buy the castle.  Now, this summary wasn’t entirely right, you see.  The father was a washed up genius of  a writer who had rented the castle for inspiration and soon had not written anything that caused his family to be in absolute poverty.  The original landlord passes and his sons inherit the land.

The cast are mostly unknowns- to me, at least.  The story was enchanting and amusing and didn’t go entirely like I thought it would.  So I liked that it was a little unpredictable.  It’s not for everyone and I’m not even sure what sort of genre it would be as it’s not entirely a romance.  Perhaps a coming of age tale?  Has anyone else seen it?  I’d love to hear other’s thoughts on it.



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