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A girl musing on characters April 8, 2011

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Tonight, as an evening not spent working, I took the opportunity to catch up on some of my TV watching for the week.  There have not been too many new episodes of shows I like to watch but while watching CSI, I began to think of characters.  You see, every time I watch CSI lately, I begin to have mental argument with the creators of the show.  There is always one character or more that one dislikes immensely.

On CSI, that character for me is Jorja Fox’s Sara.

When I heard that there was a possibility of a character leaving a season or two back, I rejoiced when I learned it was down to her and another.  But then they killed the other character and made this big hullabuloo drama about how she was leaving and then Grissom was leaving after her.

And then she came back!

I almost want to stop watching because of this.

But I have no logical explanation as to why I dislike Sara.

Just that I really don’t like her.

Am I the only one who has these feelings towards fictional TV characters?  Yet, when I stop to think about the other shows that I watch, I cannot find another character that will inspire such pure dislike as with CSI’s Sara.  Fortunately for me, I have kept watching and I get the occasional glimpse of one of my favorite reappearing characters.


Lady Heather, now Dr. Kessler

Not only is she lovely but a very original character.  I almost wish to be like her… and no, I have no desire to be a Dominatrix as those who know me are well acquainted with my being the other side of that particular coin.  But more in the cool perceptive way she handles herself, seeming to read minds with her clear gaze and impeccable manners and fashion sense.  Given last night’s episode of CSI, I am hoping that this means there will be more of her in store.

For this I will continue to watch.

And its a little funny too… that the show implies that there is much an unspoken favoritism for Heather as opposed to Sara.  There was once a very avid debate as to who would be his love interest.  It goes without saying who I was rooting for and given Grissom left the show because of Sara and yet she still remains, I would have rather it had been with Heather.


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