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A girl blogging old school April 9, 2011

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So I couldn’t thin of what to blog about and I began to wander the web a little in search of inspiration.  But having no sense of direction when it came to some general topic, I went no where really fast.  Then my mind began to wonder and wander about what I used to do back in the early days of my blogging… back when I was on blogspot and no where near as popular as I am now.

If having about 50 visitors a day is popular.

Right before I gave up that blog, I remember there was a site with the silliest of quizzes that often related nothing about you in general but they gave you fun looking patched which you could post up on your blog.  I remember doing like 10 at a time and posting them all at once.  So I went to blogthings and tried my hand at one.

What color is your name?

Easy question.


Your Name is Yellow

Your name tells people that you are welcoming and cheerful. You are open to all the love in the world.

You are a warm person who can’t help but make others feel comforted. You are truly radiant. 

People see you as someone who has figured out the secrets to life. While that’s not true, you do try to remain positive in the face of adversity.

You are the sunshine in other people’s lives. You make more of a difference than you realize.

Yeah, that was a waste of my minute.
What is your favorite time waster online?

2 Responses to “A girl blogging old school”

  1. gaintheday Says:

    Facebook games. Usually only one or so. But it’s a good time waster.

  2. scizor1 Says:

    Good Lord…I remember my MySpace (remember that?) being filled tot he brim with these. XD

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