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A girl revamping her color April 12, 2011

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Part of the hazards of moving is losing a much beloved and trusted hair stylist.  When you find something you love, I do not adhere to the saying that you let it go and see if it will come back to you.  Afterall, hair stylists just go around and get more customers.  You, however, are left with a mess that you cannot handle on your own.

To quote the ever wonderful Dolly Parton as Truvy in Steel Magnolias:

I don’t trust anyone who does their own hair.

Therefore I drop a pretty penny to make sure the leafy one is extra fabulous.  So when I went a few weeks ago to get my hair trimmed and styled, it did not take much convincing that I needed to go in for some color as well.  When the hair designer, Brandie, at East Meets West first mentioned a nice rich red for me, I was initially resistant.  I’d been doing a bottle job that was a light auburn blonde which was rather light.  I was aiming for a solid red.  But the ends were looking a little frayed and the more I thought about it, the more I related it to it being perhaps the hair color.

Forty minutes in a massage chair while the color developed and a few quick snips with her magical scissors, Brandie had me well on my way to being truly gorgeous.

A richer, warmer color for the bombshell, but I'm ecstatically in love with it!




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