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A girl renewing her business April 17, 2011

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I have been an Independent Beauty Consultant for Mary Kay since May 2008.  I’ve had a love for the product long before then and I jumped at the opportunity to be a consultant when my SIL, Luskca, signed up to be one as well.  The years have passed and now I’m the Mary Kay lady for the lovely lady who recruited me.  While I may have, at times, fallen inactive, I have always maintained use of the products and kept all my wonderful patient customers stocked with their favorites.  My lifestyle in Puerto Rico had just not allowed me to run my Mary Kay business as I had always wanted to and the way that all the resources Mary Kay provides helps you to.

However, once I moved here to NW Arkansas, I knew that it would only be a matter of time before I got myself active again.  With a steady paycheck, I can begin again and hopefully get myself a steady side business with new clients.  My love for the products have never waned and I know that it’s my passion for them that really helps sell.  Not to mention that they practically sell themselves due to the wonderful results people see with them.  So I have ordered myself up some new business cards and the like, as well as getting myself restocked on all the products I adore.

I also renewed my personal Mary Kay website so people can shop with me 24/7.

I’ve been making the rounds with all my faithful clients to restock their MK needs and even have gotten a few new sales from friends.  Hopefully I can expand my client base a little further.  It will likely create a way for me to socialize and meet new people.  I love my job as a Youth Care Worker, so I know my first clients will be my coworkers.  A few have even approached me about hosting classes.  So here’s to getting myself back in the Mary Kay game.

Please be sure to let me know what I can do to make you feel special and pampered!


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