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Restaurant Review: Noodles April 18, 2011

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located on N. Mall Avenue in Fayetteville, Arkansas.

The Stalker and I were doing our usual round of random shopping and item returning when we found that we were unbelievably hungry.  As we were just leaving Jo-ann’s, we mentally reviewed all the local eatery places that we had at our disposable.  At first we pondered pizza, but if we were going the carb route then we knew we would enjoy pasta that much more.  So we considered heading on over to Spiedini where we had eaten for my birthday last month.

 But we were really hungry.

And Noodles was way closer.

We could have easily driven over to Spiedini but I voted for Noodles on the basis that I had never been there before and I’m always angling to get new blogging content whenever I get the opportunity for it.  And so it was that we found ourselves in the slightly smokey ambiance that is Noodles.  Apparently have have wood fired pizzas and hence the scent in the air when we walked in.  We soon forgot about this when we realized it was Margarita Monday.  Overall, the restaurant is extremely family friendly while at the same time being a great place to go with friends.  The decorations are traditional faux italian and the tables are covered in a square of white paper that they leave with crayons.  The server is even so polite as to write their names on it so you know who will be serving you.

Since kids are my business, it's no surprise that I was all for the crayons and paper deal.

 I ordered the Bacon & Spinach Ravioli.  At first I was a little skeptical at this pasta dish being served on a bed of more pasta but I have to tell you it worked!  The fettucini sauce was rich and creamy without being too heavy.  I love the spinach and the pasta was cooked to the perfect level of al dente.  My only qualm with all the food I was served was that the rosemary focaccia they served would have been best had it been warm or slightly toasted.  Their signature dipping sauce was delicious and tart but I think it just needed a bit of warmth to soften it up and give it an extra bit of goodness.

Service was pretty speedy and our waiter was both cute and nice.  Prices are average and a little higher when compared to fast food… but then again, the steepness of price on these things is in the eye of the beholder.  Next time I hope to leave room for dessert.

Click here if you wish to see the official Noodles menu.


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