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A girl wanting questions April 19, 2011

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I went in to work at 7am thinking it would be a regular shift type day.  Over 16 hrs later, I’m finally home.  But since I didn’t know what to blog about, I began doing my internet rounds and reading other people’s blogs to see if inspiration hit.

Luckily for me it did.

Unluckily for y’all, it may not be an interesting post.

Anways, on my talented friend Dallas’ blogsite, a few entries ago she mentions how some of her more loyal fans have asked her to show pics of the doll’s undergarments.  Knowing Dallas, only one person asked and she was all too happy to oblige.

So my question is this…

What is it that you wish to ask the bombshell?

  • It could be about anything.
  • It could be something silly or something true.
  • Now make believe there is something you’ve always wanted to ask me.

The leafy one promises to answer each burning question as a separate entry and ramble on about everything and nothing before answering everyone’s most pressing secret questions.

So go!

Ask away!


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