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Spoiling of the KittyCow April 20, 2011

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I feel like a guilty mother half the time.  I spend so many hours of my day out of the house and the only time my cow gets to be with me, I’m usually sleeping.  This does not sit well with her and some nights she gets so resentful that she lurks around and attacks my feet and legs at random.

But then I get paid and I remember just why I have to spend so many hours away from her.

After all, I have to keep her in the life she has become accustomed to.

So I went into PetSmart on Saturday with the intention of getting her a pretty new cat litter box so that it could be covered and hopefully less of a mess in my bathroom.  The Booda was just what I wanted and there was a sale.  This meant that I felt that maybe I should get just one more thing.

One hundred dollars later, I felt better.

Aside from the litter box, I got her the kitty bed shown above, the pretty engraved collar tag, a new food dish and a mat for outside of the litter box.  All very stylish things.

After all, she is my second bombshell.


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