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Movie Review: Rio April 23, 2011

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This movie was top of box offices with it’s premier last weekend.  There were a few other movies I might have liked to watch but chose something light and fun.  I’m glad that I was able to enjoy just that.

The movie is a tale of a blue macaw named Blu who was stolen by poachers as a young birdie and lives a sheltered but happy life in the middle of nowhere, America which was as far from Rio as one can imagine and still be on the same side of the globe.  Then it turns out that this dashing bird, who never learned to fly, is the last of the species and there’s a birdie named Jewel who he needs to get with.  Of course poachers appear again and the birdies are thrust out into the world together.

Considering the target audience is about a decade and a half younger than me, the plotline is simple and the jokes a little simplistic.  I still had a lot of fun with this movie and the music was just fantastic.  With some of the scenes, I couldn’t help but wonder what this movie must have looked like in 3D.  While the option was available in the theater, I opted to skip over the motion sickness and saw it in regular 2D.

So, my overall opinion is that you should see this movie.  I think the colors, if not the action, must make the 3D interesting, I think it will survive to be something worth watching when it comes out on DVD.  I enjoyed it and it was wonderfully pleasant to watch.

Has anyone else seen it?


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