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A girl trying Lush products April 28, 2011

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Being the girly girl that I am, I like trying all sorts of products.  However, as a Mary Kay lady, I try to keep this experimentation within the realms of not utilizing any contraband.  Therefore, when I go looking for new products, I look along the line of things that Mary Kay does not offer.  Considering it does have most, if not all my beauty and cosmetic needs, there is very little that I might need to order outside of it.  Still, there is still a lot like hair products, some nail products, bubble baths and deodorants that I can still shop around for.

And shop I do!

Lately, there really has been a surge of natural products that one should be trying for their body.  For some things, I feel that perhaps I may go with the trend.  For example, I’ve discovered that deodorant seems to make me break out in painful ways.  I’ve switched brands many times over and it’s still terrible.  Until I get medical insurance to verify, I’ve been experimenting with not wearing any.  I can usually get away with it by using the right spraying of body stuffs unless I’m working a double.  Then I wear deodorant because I can’t go 16 plus hours of activity without sweating and no one wishes to smell bad when one is already rather tired and cranky.

With this in mind, I remembered that I was just looking for an excuse to buy products from LUSH.  A friend had recommended them and I really wanted to get some of the stuff I found there.  So I wasted no time in ordering.

I got the T'eo deodorant bar.

There were several deodorants to choose from.  I knew that I wanted to go with bar form first.  From there, I read through the descriptions and decided that I would find the lemony citrus scent the least obtrusive out of all the descriptions listed.  I then tried to decide whether four bars was too many to order.

In the end I decided that until I knew whether I liked it…

Two were just going to have to suffice.

Then I went wandering about the site.  After all, I have a penchant for yummy smelling products and a deep love for all things bubble bathy.

Tonight I gave the sakura bath bomb I purchased a try.

I was very excited to try it when I received it.  But then I had it and was trying to read up what scents it contained when I saw the reviews were terribly mixed.  Given that many said that the scent seemed not to last if they had kept the bath bomb for too long, I decided to use it right away.  I still have some pleasure dough bubble bath, but that one I will save for another pampering occasion.

Over all, I’m very pleased with the products.  The bath bomb was fun to watch as it fixed and danced around in the bath tub.  It left my skin with a soft velvety conditioning and a gorgeous light scent.  I had hoped that the water would change color or something but seems that this wasn’t the bath bomb one gets to witness that.  I would definitely purchase it again.  I’m just sorry it’s such a huge bomb for just a single bath.  Still, I loved luxuriating in it.  As for the deodorant, it surprised me with the fact that it is a bar but is still quite fragile and powdery.  The scent is fresh and there seems to be a tingling refreshing feel to it.  It laster all day and didn’t seem to irritate my underarms.  We’ll see if prolonged use of it will not cause the same effect as other deodorants have been.

I’ll try and remember to let y’all know my thoughts on the pleasure dough bubble bath.


3 Responses to “A girl trying Lush products”

  1. gaintheday Says:

    1. Big ziploc bag.
    2. Hammer
    3. Counter
    4. Break it in half
    5. Use half for one bath, half the next!

    Sakura is one of my favorites. If you want a trippy one, Dragon’s Egg changes the color of the water and has enough glitter to make David Bowie blush. I can give you LUSH ideas until my face turns blue!

  2. InsideJourneys Says:

    I LOVE Lush products!

  3. Marcia Says:

    I also love lush but I have started using Fizzbutter bath bombs because they are huge and only $3.29 and they always have a free shipping deal. Plus, they are more moisturizing (shea butter, baby!). They have a website at http://www.fizzbutter.com

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