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A girl musing on habits May 1, 2011

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At work, there are many things I find myself saying a whole lot.  With kids, you repeat things again and again.  Hopefully they will learn what you’re trying to convey.  More often than not, you will just have to repeat yourself again and again in the hopes that they will stop or just remember not to do such things around you.

One of the things I find myself saying a lot is…

That’s such a nasty habit.

When I say this, I’m usually referring to a select group of things they just can’t seem to stop themselves from doing.  There are two in particular I’m very adamant about:

  • Cursing- which I admit I’m guilty of but I never curse in front of them and definitely never towards any of them.  So I tell them that if, as an employee, I can show respect and courtesy and reign in the use of cuss words, they should not make it a habit of cursing.
  • Spitting- this one I would say is the nastiest habit of either one of these.  Yet, boys will be boys and they are constantly spitting!  It’s terrible and disgusting and no amount of redirection seems to make a dent in how they behave in this regard.

One afternoon, one of them told me that whenever I redirect them, I’ve said if for myself.

It’s a habit, Miss Ivy.

And when I was reading plinky prompts in the hope of finding something blogworthy as I’m feeling rather braindead and not particularly blog-spiring,  this is what immediately came to mind.  Especially when I thought of bad habits I felt people around me needed to kick.  But then I reminded myself that I need to look inward before I bothered to critique others.  In this, I found myself drawing a blank.

I can’t think of any bad habit of my own I may want to kick.

Which means that I wonder what defines the limit of a habit being a bad one and if it’s something we have to define for ourselves and wish to improve?  Or is it a fault that one really needs someone else’s opinion in order to see more clearly?

The thing I often say about myself is that I am a creature of habit.  Could this be a bad one that I may need to kick?  Or should I just kick the person that may suggest that it is?


One Response to “A girl musing on habits”

  1. InsideJourneys Says:

    It’s probably easier to replace a bad habit with (another) good one.

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