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A bombshell’s bedside table May 3, 2011

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This was inspired by Luskca who, when chatting one night and hearing this girl lament the fact that she had nothing to blog about, soon rattled off a list of interesting topics.  Why Luskca didn’t bother to just use such thoughts on her own blog is beyond me but I will not complain that one or two popped out at me as being blog worthy.

Or at the very least worthy of tapping out a few paragraphs on.

So… is this topic beauty or is this topic home related?

It can be a subject of debate.

According to the Martha Stewart Homekeeping Handbook, the subject of night tables are very straight forward.  They need to be adjacent to the bed and equal to the amount of people that share the bed.  The surface needs to be comfortably large and, to maximize space, have either a bit of shelves, drawers or both.  The contents of it should be the essentials one uses or may need:

  • a suitable stylish lamp
  • an alarm clock
  • a flashlight
  • pad or journal
  • pencil or pens
  • tissues

But what does this bombshell have in hers?

  • chocolates from Easter
  • Mary Kay extra emollient night cream
  • a romance novel
  • a reusable water bottle
  • Mary Kay foot lotion
  • wristwatch

The items are undeniably girly.  I have the chocolates to munch on late at night and the bottle should I be thirsty and not in the mood to venture downstairs.  All the creams are so I can remember to moisturize since invariably it will occur to me to do so when I’m already laying down ready to sleep.  I’m sorry to say that there’s nothing really unusual about it’s contents.

Would anyone say differently about their own nightstands?


2 Responses to “A bombshell’s bedside table”

  1. luskca Says:

    I did use some of the ideas I popped out with you 🙂
    They are posted on my blog!

  2. Jessica Says:

    Yours seems a lot more practical than Martha’s. Just sayin.

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