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A girl trying Aveda May 6, 2011

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When I followed the Stalker to our very beautiful and talented hair designer at East Meets West Salon here in Fayetteville, I went in with an open mind.  If someone could get a handle on the Stalker’s hair, then my own hair would be a breeze.  It was just important that I found someone I trusted with my head and hair.  Luckily she was just as amazing as the Stalker had said she was and I’ve been more than delighted with her talent and personality.

Given what I’ve said about hair care and beauty, I was more than willing to discuss with my new hair designer (because at EMW they are not called hairstylists but hair designers) my frustration and desire to try some new products for my hair.

This is the problem with the bombshell….

When she has the money….

She will very willingly plop it all down for further fabulousness.

It is not secret that salon products do not come cheap.  After all, Suave’s entire hair care campaign is based on that.  But sometimes you have to be willing to spend a little more.  Considering my general dissatisfaction with hair care products at the economically thrifty price point, if I could afford more… why not give that a try, too?

So it should come as no surprise that I walked away with about $100 worth of products on my first visit.  My concerns were simple.  My hair is fine and was experiencing some dandruff that seemed resistant to most products I tried after continuous use.  I color my hair, so moisture and color conservation was also a key factor.  These were the things I openly discussed with my hair designer and she very adeptly gathered the right products that she felt I should try.  EMW is all about natural products and their line for everything from hair care to hair color is with Aveda.

I didn’t initially blog about them because I wanted to give them a try for a few weeks and see if my love held true.  These are the products I started off with:

For the dandruff

 This was the first product that my hair designer recommended for me.  It’s a spray for a stream of product that you massage a little into your scalp in the areas you feel are most problematic for dandruff.  I felt it was great to use but I wasn’t a fan of the smell.  It has a very distinctive herb smell which is pleasant but very old-world perfume type smell.

Damage Remedy Shampoo

And to complete the combo, as I like to keep product usage within the same line…

Damage Remedy Conditioner

I promise you that I did not take offense that my hair designer wanted me to use something that said Damage Remedy.  My hair is fine and with the color treatment can tend to split at the ends.  Given how much we mistreat our hair… okay, okay, given how much I mistreat my hair, this sounded like just what I needed.  It’s no surprise that just such a product would be the one most sold in the salon.

So I used this trio for about 3 weeks.  I noticed the slow improvement of my hair with usage and I found that the dandruff problem was improving just with the use of the shampoo and conditioner alone.  When I consulted my hair designer on my next trip in for hair color, she believes that my hair had more of a film due to the alcohol in most shampoos and conditioners.  She was glad to hear that the flaking had improved and said that perhaps I should wash my hair daily or at most, every other day, to see if that would improve things further.

It did.

Which is great because with the new Aveda hair color, my hair designer did not recommend that I continue to use the dandruff solution.  In fact she told me to stop immediately.   And since I already showed everyone how gorgeous I looked after that visit, I will continue to focus just on the products.

In that visit I wanted a product that would help smooth my hair when I dried it and help combat frizz some.  I tend to straighten it more than leave it natural and I had some gloss serum which would make my hair greasy after just one day.  This is the hazard of having fine hair such as mine.

Smooth Infusion Style-Prep Smoother

  I have to say that this is my favorite product so far.  It really does tame the frizz when I allow my hair to dry naturally without weighing it down.  But what I love about it is that it keeps my hair sleek when I’ve straightened it.  I’ve noticed a difference on how well my hair keeps and it does not get heavy with oil.  This works perfectly given with my regimen of washing my hair every other day or on the third day when my schedule does not give me time to wash it when I work doubles.

What shall I try next?

If my budget allows for it on my trip this Tuesday to retouch my color, I’m thinking styling products.  Maybe a type of hair gel or hairspray?  I saw an article in a magazine and Aveda’s hairspray was recommended in tips for the ultimate blow-out.  So, we’ll see what my gifted hair designer recommends for me then.

Has anyone else tried Aveda?

Or is there any other top of the line hair care line you recommend?


One Response to “A girl trying Aveda”

  1. gaintheday Says:

    I have tried Aveda, the price is why I don’t use it consistently. I really like Bumble and Bumble. Their smells are very good. However, they are also expensive.

    I tend to use cheaper shampoos (Lush, Back to Basics) and more expensive styling products.

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