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A girl with an answer May 9, 2011

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Remember how a few nights ago I blogged about wanting one of the many Sims 3 expansion sets that are out there?

Well, I caved.

I bought the Sims 3 Medieval and it is so freaking amazing that I can’t even begin to describe it.

It is very like the different Sim expansion packs that the Sim universe departs into more focused goals and quests and not so much on the mundane living.  And like those series of ambitions, you need to still work in the daily things a Sim needs to stay alive.  Luckily this Medieval world simplifies things for you and you really only need to cater to the basics of eating and sleeping.  But to make a well-rounded and happy Sim, you need to still manage to do all the rest of the things one normally does in a Sim game.

You start off with a Monarch Sim and then you branch out from there.  You build and expand and create new heroes that will aid you in expanding your kingdom and prospering as the Watcher.  If you had a god complex before with the Sims, this version of the game pretty much implies that the Sims can build a whole religion around you.  Which, if we’re being honest, is completely hilarious and great fun.

I’ve probably been playing for the past 8 hours and can’t get enough of it.  It keeps things fresh and interesting… and guides you through your quests while still allowing you certain degrees of freedom.  I love it and I recommend the game to anyone who loves the Sims in any way, shape or form.  My one recommendation is, if you can, just purchase the digital copy and download it.  You’ll be able to get it for about 50% of what you would have paid for if you’d gone out and bought the disc for the game.

Anyone else given it a try yet?


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