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Another November November 1, 2011

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Another year…

Another NaBloPoMo.

I hadn’t realized it had been so many months since I last posted.  To me, it’s been more like the blink of an eye.  And yet, here we sit… in NOVEMBER.

How the heck did that happen?

I remember feeling uninspired to blog about anything.  But then again, all I was doing was working.  Since I couldn’t really blog about work, that left me with little to nothing to mention.  There was also the planning of the Super Stalker’s wedding.  But I felt it was more her place to blog, if anything, her information on that.

And so I existed…

Sleeping and working.

And sometimes remembering to eat.

Now, don’t get me wrong.  I love my job.  Still do after 8 mos at it.  All that working paid off in the form of great overtime pays.  I got to do a lot of stuff that I never thought I would be able to do.  And, yet, it’s only through looking back that I’ve realized how far I’ve truly come.

However, I have few regrets.

I didn’t accomplish blogging daily for the year but if I pick up November and perhaps continue through December, I’ll have accomplished the daily blogging for half a year.

Half is better than none.

I won’t be too hard on myself.

Its more than many have accomplished.

But now that I have apologized, I shall gather my thoughts in appropriately creative ways.  November is always a creative month.  I will, of course, be blogging for NaBloPoMo and there is NaNoWriMo to think about.  The latter which several friends seem all up into doing this year but I’m fairly more confident in completing the former.

Stay tuned!