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A girl being OCD November 2, 2011

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There are some days when I wonder if maybe I’m not somewhat OCD.  Its not like I count everything but there are certain things that I have to count out or else the world does not feel right.  They are little things… like how many times I pump hand soap into my palm (the answer is that it need always be two) and how many paper towels I require to dry my hands off (the answer is always five when I’m at work).

And then there’s the whole Wednesday thing.

You see, the bombshell moved into a place of her own on Wednesday, September 21st.  Since then, I have marked Wednesday as my official day of cleaning at my apartment.  Having consulted the Martha Stewart HomeKeeping Handbook, I know she would approve of my plan.  There are certain cleaning tasks one need tackle weekly, as opposed to the little clutter and dishes one need do daily, or the major washing and scrubbing one does monthly, or even the whole rotation cleaning thing one need do seasonally.

And since I’ve moved I’ve had 7 Wednesdays.

With so many Wednesdays, I have begun to notice that I have a definite pattern when it comes to cleaning.  It may not appear to be a pattern for some people because it many ways it is quite random to the untrained eye.  But as I go through things, I realize that it becomes a little like “If you give a mouse a cookie” type thing.

If I febreeze the cushions and mattresses, I need to pull the covers in to wash them.

If I’m washing the covers, I need to divide my laundry to wash too.

Since I’m doing my laundry, I need to get the towels and the bathroom rug.

I shall febreeze the shower curtain and remember that I need to take out the garbage.

I pull out the garbage bag and remember I need the one in the bathroom.

In order to get the one from the bathroom, I need to scrub the toilet with the clorox wand pad thingies.

Since I’m cleaning the toilet, I might as wipe down the sink.

The bathroom is nearly clean, so I get an all-surface wipe and clean off the mirror.

Since I have the wipe, I might as well use it well and dust the coffee tables and the night stands.

Now that I’ve done all that, I need to ensure I’ve got all the trash…

Which means that I need to clean out the kitty litter.

Then I need to lysol that corner and while I’m at it, I might as well scrub off the counters with the lysol wipes.

The dishes need to be done and for that I need to put the clean dishes away.

With the dishes cleared away, I hear the kittycow meowing which means she’s hungry.

I won’t feed the cat until I’ve swiffered the floors.

Once the floors are done, all I need to do then is vacuum.

Cleaning out the canister of the vacuum will remind me that I still have toss the garbage bag out.

And so, I do this every week.

Seriously, just like that and pretty much in that order.  So am I really OCD or am I more ADHD?

I can never tell.