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A girl and her new apartment November 3, 2011

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Yesterday I mentioned the odd ritual I have when it comes to cleaning my apartment.  I seemed to have gotten a little ahead of myself as I had not updated my blog following to the fact that I even had one.  Normally I spend a few blog entries going back in time over the months that I’ve missed blogging in a sort of summarized game of catch-up.  Seems I’ve decided to do it out of order.

Not like anyone would have known that.

Unless I had told you.

Which now I just did!

Either way, I shall give you a small tour of my pre-furnished apartment as taken on the day I moved in.

My furnished living room

My kitchen area

My bathroom

My bed

My closet

The spare bedroom


And then when all this was cleared and all my junk unpacked… I did what any girl would do.

I went shopping and bought things to fill it!


And one must not forget things to eat.

So there we are… I have to say I’m quite content and comfortable.  There comes a great satisfaction of being able to pay your own bills and just live in your own space.  While my apartment is still quite bare, I mean… I got a furnished place because I had no furniture or my own, I know it will take time to fill it the way that I desire.