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A girl who went to Vegas November 4, 2011

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Among the notable things that happened in my non-blogging months this year was a trip I took with one of my best girlies, the Stalker.  I plotted it all and I plotted it semi-well so we could have a fun girly time in Vegas.  Both of us had never been in our adult lives and it just seemed like the sort of thing that we wanted to do.  Not that we planned on getting into too much trouble while we were gone.  This is partly why we didn’t tell anyone that we were going.  I think all too many people would have heard our plans and just thought we were up to no good.

In the end, I can honestly tell you, that aside from the sheer amount of alcohol consumed in that space of time, it was all good, clean, sexy fun.

Can you tell which luggage belongs to whom?

The trip started out on a Thursday morning and we had been meant to arrive in Vegas by early afternoon.  But then out plane had something or other wrong with it that required an emergency landing in Albuquerque, NM.

The one good thing we got out of landing there for 6hrs was the fact that we actually learned how to spell Albuquerque.


Even though I had to spellcheck it for this blog entry.

So maybe I didn’t learn how to spell it so that the memory lasted.

We did eventually land where we wanted to be and…. well, I have to say that I can neither confirm or deny the following things.

Where we may have stayed.

What we may have seen.

What we may have done.

After all, isn’t it the point of the entire city that whatever happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas?

And what a lot of fun we had!



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