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A girl falling back November 6, 2011

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What would you do if you could relive an hour of your life?

That is the thought that occurred to me as I went to bed last night, knowing that Daylight Savings Time was approaching and we’d be able to do just that.  But it’s not like some Groundhog Day reliving.  Where you need to live the time again and again until you get it right.

Instead, it brought to mind the time-turner from Harry Potter.

Where you get to live time again, if only for a short burst.  However, you need to learn to spend it completely different from the first time lest you encounter yourself.

And likely blow yourself to smithereens.

The funny thing is that I had never thought of it this way before in my 25yrs of life.  To many, and originally this is what I had thought, it’s just a night where I get an extra hour of sleep.  But then I went to sleep knowing that my cel phone would not update itself on time until I turned it off and turned back on.  What I figured to do was set my alarm for 6am- since I have to work 1st shift and go in at 7am- and do the powering down and back up and decide then if I wanted to sleep most for my extra hour or use it somehow else.

Instead, I found myself awake shortly after 3am.  The fact that it was 3am always leads me to believe something mystical is about to happen.  Either that or I’ve heard the Matchbox 20 song one too many times.  As I turned my phone off and on, I realized I didn’t want to spend my extra given hour sleeping.  So I got out of bed and spent my relived hour making myself something delicious to eat from the leftovers in my fridge and playing with my puppy.

So, no…

My relived hour was not something profound.

Or maybe it was?

It allowed me a small hour of breathing room in the middle of my night to do something for myself when ordinarily I would have just considered it time between work shifts.  This weekend is especially chaotic since I agreed to work 4 shifts in 3 days but I did not set it up where I worked doubles.  Instead I gave myself 8hr intervals on and off for the whole weekend.  Now, many of you may believe that this is the norm for me… to always work too much.  This is partially the reason why I could not bring myself to blog for so many months.  All I was doing was working and that led me to have nothing to blog about and, when I finally was doing things worth blogging about, I was out enjoying those moments and not worried about writing.

How did everyone relive their hour, if you got one?