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A girl distracted by Oreos November 7, 2011

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When I logged onto WordPress, I had every intention of writing a completely different blog entry.  I don’t know, maybe it was something about what I’m currently watching this Fall of all the different TV shows.  But then I got distracted looking over my stats for my blog.  One of the top entries visited today was one I wrote on the first of March and it was my professing love for Oreos.

While I have no clue why it would be one of my top entries today, of all days…

I was suddenly very amused.

Because on overnights, my coworkers definitely seem to know me as someone who is a near connoisseur of all things Oreos.  Whenever I go to the supermarket, I do not walk away with the same package of delicious Oreo goodness that I purchased the previous trip.


I make it a habit of trying every limited variety of Oreo that I come across.

Every kind except mint cremes.

Sorry, but I don’t often like mint & chocolate together.

 And so it is that I experience I wide range of yumminess.

And I also happen to know more flavors of Oreos than anyone else I know.

Like, for example, did you know about the neapolitan oreo?

But even better is that since I last blogged about oreos, they came out with an even tastier variety of them.  Unlike the fudge covered oreo that is perhaps too much cookie with the fudge, they now have these:

Delicious Fudge Creme Oreos

These are truly wonderful; especially if you are the sort who loves the creme inside oreos as much as the cookie part.  Perhaps, if you love the creme more, these are the right hit.  I don’t know if it’s just my imagination, but it does seem to have less cookie and more creme and then it’s covered in yummy fudge.  The peanut butter cremes are a special delight.  They are definitely as different type of Oreo.  I have to be careful or I would eat the entire pack in one sitting.  And that is easier to do with the fudge cremes because the package is slightly smaller than the regular oreo package is.

What type of OREO is your favorite?

Again this was not an advertisement or paid endorsement of any kind for Oreos.  The bombshell just really loves them.