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A girl watching fairy tales November 8, 2011

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It is very apparent that there has been a flood of common themes amongst the tv shows this fall season and the hot thing this fall are fairy tales.  While one channel conjures up the image of the big bad wolf and all the darkness of the original Grimm stories, another focuses more on trying having classic fairy tales frozen in time and trying to adjust to a modern world.  Its no surprise that the latter is more squeaky clean and found on ABC.

Initially I gave both Grimm and Once Upon a Time an equal shot.  I watched both shows on the same evening and tried to keep an open mind.  The first episode for both was nothing to impress me but I knew I would give them both a shot.  To this date, I chose to catch up on Once Upon a Time first because of one reason.

Ginnifer Goodwin

She was the reason I tuned into Big Love for so many seasons and she was also the reason I watched the silly romcom of He’s Just Not That Into You.  She’s cute and delightful and I really adore her as Snow White in Once Upon a Time.  I will tell you this without giving too much away that the 2nd and 3rd episodes are much better.  So if you were not quite so enchanted by the fairy tales the first time around, I ask that you please give it another go.  It’s sweet and will hopefully prove to be a delightful show.

Has anyone else caught this show?

As for Grimm…

Can anyone let me know what I’m missing?

Should I give it another chance too?


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