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A girl telling you what to watch November 9, 2011

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Yesterday I mentioned a TV show that I’ve really liked this season.  Despite my not having a TV, I seem to be watching quite a few shows this season.  I catch them all over the internet but some are just shows that I’ve been seeing for several seasons- like House, How I Met Your Mother, Big Bang Theory, Grey’s Anatomy. But two shows that I really enjoy and have found to be more likable than I thought have been two others.

First, there is Pan Am.

But this show I can’t help but wonder if perhaps I am more in love with the clothes and the era than I am with the plot and characters.  There is a tenderness to the show and I feel that it has a lot of potential.  Hopefully it won’t get cancelled any time soon and I can get to see where they will take these lovely stewardesses.  I agree with an article I read before the show premiered that this show has style to spare.  The scenes are beautiful and I wish I could get me some of those gorgeous outfits!

Maybe even a hunky pilot, too.

The other show that definitely surprised me was:

2 Broke Girls

 This show is just downright hilarious.  They are snarky and pile on the fun attitude.  It’s not unlike how I talk with my friends.  There is a current feel to it and I really like both the girls in the show.  If you haven’t caught this one, I command you to get on Hulu now and watch all the episodes.


Right now!

Then come back and tell me how wonderful I am for having told you about it.