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A girl with a Cupcake November 10, 2011

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For the longest time, I’ve just been a girl with a KittyCow.

Just the 2 of us.

But when I moved into a place of my own, I could not help but feel as if there was space for one more.  Initially, being the consummate cat person that I am, I thought maybe I would get another cat or kitten to go along with the Cow.  But the more I thought about it, the less I liked the idea of getting another cat.  My kittycow has been an only child and I didn’t think I would enjoy having another cat as much as I enjoy having the Cow around.

Plus, being a single girl, I really didn’t want to be that single girl with tons of cats around.

Much to everyone’s surprise, I began to wonder what it would be like to have a dog.  Once the idea got into my head, I found it hard to shake it out.  So, instead I spent weeks scouring the internet trying to figure out just what breed of dog might be right for me.  Then I began looking through local shelters and online ads offering dogs of all ages and sizes.  My major criteria were that the dog was of a breed that would remain small and that it had to be fluffy and cute.

Then I saw a pic of this face.

And quite honestly I can tell you…

That I fell in love.

I had the name of Cupcake picked out long before I got him.  The second name I had been considering was Sprinkles but I thought Cupcake sounded more masculine.  Not everyone agrees with me on this but that’s fine by me.  I got to choose the name and I knew from the start that I wanted a male dog.

So, 2 weeks ago, I brought home Cupcake, a shih tzu mix puppy.

With every day that goes by, I have to say that I’m surprised by how much I love him.  He’s sweet, playful and a truly jolly little fellow.  The Cow doesn’t like him but she doesn’t really like anyone.  He tries to play with her and she sometimes plays back.  I have high hopes that they will get used to one another but I’m not rushing it nor am I forcing them to like one another.  There is a large learning curve ahead for me as I have to house-train the puppy as well as train him in all the little things one likes their dog to know.  But I know he will be a good boy.  He learned his name in a couple of days.  The rest… will just take time.