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A girl who still has it November 11, 2011

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Last month we hosted a potluck during third shift at work and everyone brought all sorts of delicious things.  Being the pastry chef, it was expected that I bring a delicious dessert into the mix.  At first, I had all sorts of ideas as to what I would make.  They all ranged in the super delicious but complicated category.  The closer the date came to the potluck, however, the less inclined I felt to put in tons of work into what I would be bringing.

So, I decided that I would take cupcakes.

Not just any kind but my red velvet cupcakes.

Weren't they lovely?

No sooner had I brought them in that people were eyeing them as some of the loveliest cupcakes people had seen.  They were irresistible and I soon began to hear things like they were the best cake anyone had ever had in their life.  By the end of the night people had been hiding the last ones so they could take them home with them.  What was especially funny was that one of the nurses had remarked, when she had seen the listing of items people were bringing, that “cupcakes” did not sound very impressive at all.

Guess I showed her.

A month later and people still speak of them in rapturous reverence.

And ask me when I will next be baking cupcakes.