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A girl and her vacuum November 13, 2011

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alternate title: A girl who loves to suck

One of the joys of having a place of my own has been filling it with wonderful things of my own choosing.  Part of the reason I got a furnished place was that I did not wish to rush into buying furniture that I might not love just for the sake of filling up space.  This way, I love the furniture they provide and I didn’t have to have the up-front expense of it all.  That left me instead with the ability to buy all the other things that I will love.  Over the next few entries I may or may not decide to show some of the lovely things I got.  But once thing I could not go without gushing over was my vacuum.

My teal Bissell Easy Vac Bagless Vaccuum

I took my time in buying it and had actually already lived in my apartment for about 2 weeks before I ordered it from Walmart.  But in the end, I got the one that was the highest rated on their site AND also the cheapest.  I was a bit skeptical that the highest rating would be the cheapest, it was absolutely a steal of a deal.  All the reviews were 100% positive and there were several dozen to go along with it.  I knew I had found the right one.

For about 30bucks I got something with great suction and just the right size for my apartment.  Not to mention its a lovely shade of teal.  It’s everything I wanted and dreamed in a vacuum.  I suppose loving the little sucker is also what helps me get around to using it regularly.  My mother remains skeptical as to whether I do clean my apartment as often as I say I do… but truly, I’m very proud of my place and of my little vacuum.

What random home appliance do you love?

And yes, we all love our kitchen-aid mixers the most, but besides that one.


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