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A girl with her sexy appliance November 17, 2011

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While I was rhapsodizing about my vacuum and mentioning that we could not pick our kitchenaid mixer as our favorite one, I realized that maybe I hadn’t introduced you to my sexy one.

My kitchenaid artisan mixer

During the summer, in order to assist in the creation of the delicious cheesecake mousse to be served at the Stalker’s wedding, I decided I needed the power to whip up delectable delights in the way only a kitchenaid mixer can.  I scoured the internet sites near and far for the best deal for my mixer even though I was very much willing to pay full price for it.  But, months later, I cannot tell you what I paid for it because I actually cannot remember.  I do know that I got it on Overstock and I used some sort of discount codes to get the best deal.

The hardest part had truly been picking the color for my mixer.  Red was the hot color to have and understandably it was the most expensive color you could get.  Being a lover of the color green, I almost got it in the color Green Apple.  But something just drew me to the color Pistachio.  It was something about the near retro-ness of it.  It was cool, relaxing and just a lovely shade of green.  When it arrived, I remember just petting it after I managed to yank it from the box.  I didn’t use it for weeks, I believe, even though I really wanted to.  Before the wedding, I think all I used it for was to make a batch of chocolate chip cookies.

So, while I don’t use it all the time- I would estimate I use it maybe once every other month since I’ve had it- it’s still, by far, the sexiest appliance I have.  It’s probably the most expensive one, too.  But well worth the price.