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KittyCow and Cupcake November 18, 2011

Filed under: Kitty tales,NaBloPoMo,Puppy Tales — bombshellwithin @ 11:42 AM

Whenever I mention Cupcake to people who have known me far longer than I’ve had him, they always ask me the same question.

How is the Cow taking it?

I have to say, the kittycow has been handling the situation far better than I ever imagined she would.  Sure, they will not be snuggling up together during naptime anytime soon.  But I do have hopes that they will become friends.  Cupcake is in playful puppy stage and the kittycow is a mature cat.  She has never been one to be playful, friendly and outgoing.

She's usually more than a little stand-offish, liking to keep her distance.

I don’t expect the KittyCow will ever change her ways and I wouldn’t want her to.  I love my Cow so very much the bitchy way she is.  It would be unfair for me to expect her to go against her nature and she truly hasn’t.  She still demands to get fed and in the times between pretends as if she’s being starved.  She sleeps all day but likes to remain close by.  The only difference now is that there’s a galloping Cupcake monster on the loose.  Every now and again they will get around to playing but it’s a rare occasion.  Cupcake has learned never to trifle with the kitty when she’s all growly and hissy.  He’ll definitely learn that he’s not the alpha in this apartment.  But I know that I could leave them in a room together without my supervision.

They keep a safe distance from each other when left to their own devices.



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