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November 19, 2011

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I can’t believe that I’ll have had Cupcake for 3 weeks now and he’s changed and grown so much in that time.  He’ll be heading to the Vet on Monday for his next round of vaccines.   I expect that he’ll get another glowing review by the vet saying he’s just perfect.

I’ve been trying to take pictures of him on a regular basis but he’s hard to photograph.  He’s a lively, jolly, little fellow and it’s hard to get him in shots without his just being a blur of fluff.

See what I mean?

But we’ve been practicing all the different commands that he should know reliably.  I think he has a fair grasp of ‘sit’ and he definitely as a handle on what ‘come’ means for him.  We’ve been practicing ‘up up’ so that I can better grasp him when he wants to be picked up.  Thursday he actually managed to climb onto the sofa by himself.  It’s more like a clinging scramble up rather than a graceful hop but, given his size, the latter will come along when it’s right.  Next we’ll be tackling the harder ones of ‘stop’ and ‘stay’.  Cupcake is wonderfully bright so I have no doubt that he will pick these up as quickly as all the rest.

Cupcake has also begun liking going on walks.  We’ve taken a daily one for the past few days and has managed to go potty outside a few times.  It’s not a regular thing but I need to discipline myself as much as him in taking him for walks at the right time for him to go to the bathroom.

My greatest fear about seeing Cupcake grow up is that I’m afraid that’ll get that ugly little underbite some shih tzus get.  I know that is it silly to worry about that one trait but I look at his handsome near teddybear-like face and I don’t want it to get ruined by ugly teeth.  His teeth have been steadily coming in and I will just continue to hope that they won’t ruin his cuteness.

I shouldn't worry too much, though... right?