Emerging of the Bombshell Within

An eclectic view of a girl's life

True Bombshell January 15, 2008

Ex-organic chemist, aspiring writer, pastry student, Mary Kay lady, true romantic, domestic diva, makeup maven and the eternal fashionista glamazon.

a bit fuzzy but I think it makes the pic all soft

a bit fuzzy but I think it makes the pic all soft

There are only so many hours in a day and so many activities one can hope to fill them with.  Unfortunately, I seem to forget my own mortality and try to accomplish it all while still trying to maintain my lovely self.

Dreaming big and hoping to accomplish even bigger things within the little universe I call my own.  This is my life…

What lies behind a pretty face?

Fluff and lace?

Butterflies and space?

Fluttering thoughts at hell bent pace,

Conclusions reached from marathon race,

and true self, just a trace.

Can you crack the iron locked base?

Or am I a special case?

Perhaps I may let you in… maybe for just a taste.


2 Responses to “True Bombshell”

  1. liz2024 Says:

    organic chemist too?? awesome!

  2. Dan Says:

    I just wanted to say that I surfed into your webpage and I like it and the images you’ve posted. You’re both alluring and interesting.

    Dan A. =)

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