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A girl who loves salchichas November 16, 2011

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In one of those deja-vu- blog feelings that I always seem to get, I thought I would have professed my love for salchichas carmelas before.  But as I searched and searched amongst the hundreds of blog entries that I have written, I realize that I just thought I had written about them but seemed never to have gotten around to it.  Or maybe my SIL blogged about them?  After all, my nephew loves them just as much, if not more, as I do.

Salchichas Carmelas bite size morsel pouch

You see, of all the things from Puerto Rico I might actually miss if my mother didn’t send me a few cans or pouches in ever care package, are salchichas carmelas.  They are a type of vienna sausages that are so much tastier and better than any such type of canned meat sausage products that I’ve ever tried.  The difference, to me, is that carmela sausages have this tastier outer skin with a plump and juicy interior.  Most vienna sausages are more like…. boiled spam in their consistency.  And while I love spam, I’m not a fan of it uncooked.

The beautiful thing of it is… and though I tried to google up an image of it, is that now carmela’s come in pouches.  Before you could only buy them in little cans where you had 7 little sausages to enjoy.  Now, aside from the bites that I pictured above, you can get a big family size pouch.  While the sausages are not the same size the pouch is the perfect size for you to make rice with them.  So, if you ever get a hold of the larger pouch then allow me to share my recipe for making a pot of rice with them

Arroz con salchicas 

serves approx. 4

  • 1 family size pouch of salchichas carmelas (or about 5 cans chopped but with the juice/caldo)
  • 1/2 5oz can of tomato sauce
  • 2 tablespoons sofrito
  • 3 tablespoons vegetable oil
  • salt to taste (be mindful that the caldo from the salchichas can be rather salty, so taste first before adding salt)
  • 1 1/2 cups water
  • 1 1/2 cups rice (I use long grain)
  1. Place medium pot over med-hi heat and pour vegetable oil while it heats.
  2. Stir in sofrito until it is fragrant.
  3. Toss in salchichas and tomato sauce.
  4. Pour in water and stir until it all comes together.  Cover and allow to come to a full boil.
  5. Pour in rice and let it come to a simmering bubble, mixing.
  6. Turn heat onto low and allow to cook for 20mins or until rice is fully cooked.


My arroz con salchicha

PS: Mom, if you are reading this… I am out of salchichas. Send more.  Please and thank you.


A girl distracted by Oreos November 7, 2011

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When I logged onto WordPress, I had every intention of writing a completely different blog entry.  I don’t know, maybe it was something about what I’m currently watching this Fall of all the different TV shows.  But then I got distracted looking over my stats for my blog.  One of the top entries visited today was one I wrote on the first of March and it was my professing love for Oreos.

While I have no clue why it would be one of my top entries today, of all days…

I was suddenly very amused.

Because on overnights, my coworkers definitely seem to know me as someone who is a near connoisseur of all things Oreos.  Whenever I go to the supermarket, I do not walk away with the same package of delicious Oreo goodness that I purchased the previous trip.


I make it a habit of trying every limited variety of Oreo that I come across.

Every kind except mint cremes.

Sorry, but I don’t often like mint & chocolate together.

 And so it is that I experience I wide range of yumminess.

And I also happen to know more flavors of Oreos than anyone else I know.

Like, for example, did you know about the neapolitan oreo?

But even better is that since I last blogged about oreos, they came out with an even tastier variety of them.  Unlike the fudge covered oreo that is perhaps too much cookie with the fudge, they now have these:

Delicious Fudge Creme Oreos

These are truly wonderful; especially if you are the sort who loves the creme inside oreos as much as the cookie part.  Perhaps, if you love the creme more, these are the right hit.  I don’t know if it’s just my imagination, but it does seem to have less cookie and more creme and then it’s covered in yummy fudge.  The peanut butter cremes are a special delight.  They are definitely as different type of Oreo.  I have to be careful or I would eat the entire pack in one sitting.  And that is easier to do with the fudge cremes because the package is slightly smaller than the regular oreo package is.

What type of OREO is your favorite?

Again this was not an advertisement or paid endorsement of any kind for Oreos.  The bombshell just really loves them.


A girl who loves oreos March 1, 2011

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Okay, so this blog entry is a bit of a cop out.  However, the sentiments to be expressed are very true to my and I can just chalk this up to being an entry about my favorite things.  This is my blog and y’all are subjected to reading about whatever I’m fixating on in my pretty head.  And lately it’s been Oreos.

Don’t ask me why.

Being the avid baker that I am, it’s funny to know that the cookie I love above all others are Oreos.  Maybe it has to do with the fact that I don’t have to make them that makes me love them as much as I do.  Considering the many recipes on the internet, there is no doubt that I could make them if I really wanted to.  But I don’t.  There is just something magical about an oreo cookie.

In fact, when I considered my group of friends, I don’t believe I know anyone who doesn’t like them as well.  Sure, they might have an ultimate favorite cookie but they will definitely enjoy a cookie or four from an open pack of oreos.  My favorite are the chocolate creme ones.  It may seem like a bit much, so much chocolate in between more chocolate but whatever!  I like them.  But, I won’t turn down just regular oreos or double stuft oreos.  Then there was the time I found these.

Banana split creme Oreos

I found it in PR in Walgreens, of course.  They had them up on the top shelf of the candy aisle, of all places.  I don’t know what made me look up there one day but I saw them.  I didn’t immediately buy them and I was sorry because next time I went to Walgreens, there were none left.  So when the restocked, I bought myself a pack.  I loved each and every one.  I don’t think I bothered to share a cookie.  Then again, I like to ration them out, so it’s not like I ate the whole pack in a week.

Or maybe I did?

I can’t remember.

But what I will tell you is that I have a particular way of eating my oreos.  I’m sure everyone does.  But while the commercials and such show people splitting open the cookies to get the creme or perhaps dunking the cookie before taking a bite, I do things a little differently.

Would you expect anything else from the bombshell?

I take a bite of the cookie, which is about half the cookie.  I do not open it, I do not remove one of the sides.  I just bite down the middle.  Then I hold it on my tongue while I take a solid gulp of milk.  Don’t ask me how many seconds I wait but I let the milk soak into the half bite of cookie I’m holding in my mouth.  I then chew and swallow.  I repeat this for every single bite of cookie I have decided to eat.  Usually I eat 4 cookies and a solid glass of milk can be more or less divided into the eighth parts of cookie bites with gulp of milk to finish it all equally.

It’s a beautiful thing.

Makes me want oreos.

This was not an advertisement or paid endorsement of any kind for Oreos.  The bombshell just really loves the cookies.


The way the bombshell does Super Bowl February 11, 2011

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For the weeks leading up to Super Bowl, the idea was tossed around that maybe the Stalker and I would throw a Super Bowl party.  But then it snowed.


And with all the snow went our inspiration to make outrageously junky food.  Because, when we think of football, we think of the sorts of food you eat while snacking in between innings (periods? goals?  Who’s on first?  Yeah Yeah.. I don’t know football, but I do know enough that the game has quarters and not the kind that you spend or use in a drinking game.)  I mean, we found a recipe for Snicker Bar Apple Salad to go with the theme.  However, we just never got around to buying the stuff to make an awesome in-home tailgating party which is the tradition in the bombshell home for as far back as I can remember.

Instead, the bombshell has to do what she does best… engineer delicious food with whatever one has on hand!

So I made what I call slider pocket pies, fried with rotel and avocados. That's a pomegranate martini on the side. It's also the Stalker's plate because mine was too drowned in the rotel cheese sauce to be able to distinguish the food.

It was delicious.  But once I finished making the food portion of the Super Bowl celebration, I was over the whole event.  The Stalker loved the slider pocket pies so much, however that we had to go out and get the ingredients to make them all again the very next day.  So we had these many days in a row.

I don’t remember where we first saw the recipe for these… but I believe there were large burgers.  Maybe it was Paula Deen.  However, the cream cheese center is something my family and I do to all our burgers.  It’s an extra yummy burst of creamy deliciousness to delight you with every bite.

Burger Slider Pocket Pies

  • 1lb ground beef
  • 1 package of pillsbury crescent roll dough
  • cream cheese
  • additional slice cheese optional
  • 1 egg
  1. Season beef as you normally would for burgers.  I use a mixture of adobo, garlic powder, pepper, italian seasoning and a steakhouse marinade.  Mix well until it’s moist but not too sticky or gooey.
  2. Separate meat into 8 equal portions.  This is approximately 2oz. per slider.  Now, each portion make into 2 circular disks.  Remember: meat tends to shrink when cooked, so the thinner and flatter the better.  Be sure each disc is about the same size.
  3. On half of the prepared discs, place about a teaspoon of cream cheese.  I tend to ball the cream cheese together a little and then flatten it into a smaller disc that the meat is.  Cover with the matching meat part and press together the seams well.  This takes some gentle rolling and needing.  Just be sure that there is no visible seam where the patties were joined and that the cream cheese is completely covered.
  4. On medium-high heat, cook each little slider for about 90 seconds on each side.  Put on a plate and set aside to cool.
  5. Turn on oven to 375F and beat an egg to have as an egg wash.
  6. Open crescent roll package.  It will be a large rectangular shape comprised of 4 rectangles, each with 2 triangles.  ONLY SEPARATE THE 4 LARGE RECTANGLES.  Flour your surface lightly and roll with a rolling pin to seal the seams of the triangles together.  With a pizza cutter, cut the rectangle down the center creating 2 squarish pieces.
  7. You will have a total of 8 squarish pieces.  With each of there, roll out into a thin square, probably about 4 inches.
  8. Place your cooked slider in the center.  You can place a small square of cheese on top.
  9. Otherwise, bring in the 4 corners of the pastry, sealing the tips by brushing with the egg wash was to hold them together.  Make sure there are no gaps.  When in doubt, use a bit more egg wash and it will glue it closed.
  10. Place on lightly greased baking sheet.  Repeat with the 7 ensuing sliders.
  11. Liberally coat with egg wash.
  12. Bake for 15-18 minutes until each pocket pie looks golden brown and delicious.
  13. Enjoy with topping of choice like you would any other burger.

A girl getting some Slim Chickens January 30, 2011

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So, I try to get as wide a view of Fayetteville as I can.  I’ve been around to some of the more frequented places and am trying to get a good sampling of the places that favorite eating places for the Stalker now that she is here.  We mostly grab a burrito or double-decker from Taco Bell whenever we feel kinda hungry for a bit of a snack while we are out and about doing errands.  But yesterday, as we set off for some quick errands before my second driving lesson, I was specific in that I wanted to eat somewhere different today.

After some thought, the Stalker decided that the best place to show me would be…

Slim Chickens.

I was pretty impressed with the place.  The menu was varied, the price reasonable and the portions substantial.  From the look of those who seem to most go to Slim Chickens, it was a mostly male crowd who stopped in bunches to eat.  The Stalker and I seemed a little out of place as two girls stopping in.  It might be the time of day or perhaps it’s a trend.  Either way, the staff I saw of who worked there were all female.

My Stalker reminded me to take a picture before I'd devoured most of my food.

I got the chicken tender basket which comes with fries and some texas toast.  Since I got to choose the dipping sauce, I decided to try the Slim’s Sauce and then proceeded to try and figure out what was in it for the rest of the meal.  From all my tasting of it on everything from my chicken to my toast to my fries, it seems to be like a peppered thousand island/french dressing type sauce.  Very delicious.  I liked it a lot.    The Stalker got the Buffalo wrap which came with fries.  We both got Dr. Pepper.

From what I can tell, Slim Chickens is located in some select northwest Arkansas cities and a couple in Oklahoma.  Think they will be opening a second place here in Fayetteville.  So I’m very happy in our choice for a meal.


Restaurant Review: Ruth’s Chris January 22, 2011

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The one located on Pinnacle Hills Parkway in Rogers, AR.

Last week the Stalker and her beau were heading out to celebrate the birthday of a friend who will be one of the groomsmen for their wedding.  They had known about it for a few days and the bombshell did not wish to feel like an interloper on their friend time.  However, word has slowly but surely spread along the friend grapevine that they have had a guest with them for the past month and a half.  So an invitations was extended for me to join in the festivities.  I didn’t know where we were going and how to dress appropriately for the event, so I did what every modern bombshell does…

I googled Ruth’s Chris.

We oogled the menu and decided what cocktails seemed like the sort of thing we would want to drink.  The Stalker had decided she was going to enjoy the night and have a few drinks.  So would I, because she likes to decide this for me… much to the consternation of my Mr. Land.  But at least my Mr. Land had heard of the chain before and remarked that I should let him know what I thought of my evening out amongst friends of friends.  Going out for the night, I assumed that Ruth’s was rather much like a Longhorn’s Steakhouse type place.  The menu seemed to consist of the usual sort of fare by such establishments.

IE: There was lots of meat on the menu.

Of course, what should have tipped us off at just what sort of place Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse is… was the fact that their online menu didn’t list any prices.  So we were in for a bit of sticker shock that the lowest costing entree was $22 (for the rest of the menu, add multiples of 5 until you hit maybe the $40 range, and I would say that was conservatively what the average entree cost) and that did not include the cost of the salad or side dish.  I won’t even get started on dessert, but maybe I should.. I do love dessert.

To be fair, there was a very decent value on the menu where, for either $39.99 or $49.99, you could get the choice of an entree from a selection of 4 or 6, a side and a smaller portioned dessert.  The Stalker and I shared a salad and the dessert of cheesecake with selection of berries.  But we chose different entrees.  She went for the stuffed chicken and I went for the BBQ shrimp (rather wisely, I’d say.. since it was the single entree that included mashed potatoes with the dish rather than making you select and purchase a side).

The funny thing of the night was that the wife to the groomsman whose birthday it was thanked everyone for coming out to the place and willingly pay such a price for their meal.  I don’t think the Stalker or her beau knew this when they agreed to go… nor do I think it would have entirely influenced their decision to attend the event.  I, however, would have happily stayed home.

However, I will say that for the price, Ruth’s Chris does deliver.  They have a very attentive staff which ensures that the wonderful selection is offered in just the right ways and your glass will never go empty.  They were prompt and offered a wide variety of food that would suit any taste.  The over all environment was refined and cozy, offering a nice dining space.  The decor was very elegant and I did enjoy the food.  I can’t say much for the company mostly because I didn’t know two thirds of the people there.  I would like to revisit Ruth’s Chris someday… perhaps on a more romantic but VERY special occasion (one that would warrant the cost of nearly $200 for a meal for two) with my Mr. Land.

I would like to make it clear that I didn’t consider the environment pretentious…. but perhaps a better forewarning for any future engagements at such a venue.



Restaurant Review: Hugo’s January 9, 2011

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located on Block Ave. in Fayetteville, AR; one block north of the historic town square.

It was ladies’ night on Thursday and the Stalker took me out to meet some of the wonderful ladies that she works with.  We weren’t sure where exactly we were going when she mentioned that we were going to meet at Hugo’s, but once we saw it I recognized the sign immediately.  As the Stalker is planning to get married near the square this coming July, we have driven by this street a fair number of times in the past weeks.

The fluorescent sign pointing down is pretty hard to miss.

I wasn’t sure exactly what sort of food I was looking forward to that night.  Heck, I wasn’t even sure what Hugo’s would look like exactly on the inside.  From the first steps in, one could see immediately that it was a fairly busy place.  Staff were basically clearing off tables just to get the waiting people seated and taking their order.  It was fairly dim inside, but apparently that’s the way they like it.  Luckily we were seated by a well lit sign and could see out menus that way.  And I’m almost positive that maybe there was music playing inside but the atmosphere was so lively with the closely packed tables that it wasn’t my main focus.

What was interesting to see where all the signs, framed pictures, plates and other assorted paraphernalia adoring almost every inch of the walls and columns all the way up to the ceilings.  It definitely made the place interesting.  From what I have heard, since Hugo’s opened in 1977, it has always looked like that.  Through the years some silly pranksters have pilfered some of the plates or portraits but they like to leave the place as unchanged as possible.

Overall, the waitstaff was friendly and efficient; service overall was very speedy but they had to be if they wanted to keep up with the demand of clientele walking in and out the door.  I could tell the bar was nicely stocked and the prices fairly reasonable.  I think in the end I would recommend it again for anyone looking for a busy place humming with energy for gatherings such as we had.  I will say that I was surprised by the menu.  From the looks of the place, I thought it was mostly going to be bar food.  But they had a nice selection of wines as well as dishes such as quiche and crepes.  Both which were quite delicious.

If you would like to see the menu at Hugo’s, click here.